Choosing the correct window and door products for your new home has now taken on a much greater significance. If you purchase windows and doors that don’t meet code requirements in regard to product performance or their installation, you will be required to tear them out and start over. This means ensuring you and your architect, designer, and contractor have all considered all the new requirements and chosen the options that you can afford. H.B.S. is an industry leader in this type of building code compliance, serving the needs of Palm Beach County where very similar codes have existed for quite some time.

“We have 10 professional crews dedicated solely to window and door installations,” explains Rob Vaccaro, General Manager. “We have a tremendous amount of experience with these impact windows and doors, and we have been installing qualified systems in South Florida since 1997. The proper installation is just as important as the products themselves, and we feel this code is the right way to go. It will make homes safer in the event of any major storm, and by contractors and homeowners spending a little more time, effort, and money up-front, they will reduce their potential exposure to damage in the future.”

Reinhard adds, “That means insurance deductibles should go down, because the insurance companies know that these new homes will stand up better to the storms, and they should have less liability as a result,” he continues, “As a company, we made the decision quite some time ago to take the ‘high road’ and have tried to make sure that everyone we’ve installed windows for was as prepared as possible for the occurrence of a major storm.” He concludes, “Now every company must take that attitude. It’s the Florida Building Code, and will be enforced.”

H.B.S. is proud that our team of sales professionals understands the needs of every customer through consultation with the H.B.S. engineer to make sure that each and every code requirement is met. “Our sales people focus their efforts on finding the right fit for each customer’s needs, and this is the key ingredient to the planning process,” explains Bill Sastram, Chief Product Estimator, “At H.B.S., we likely offer one of the greatest selections of these kinds of products in the entire United States.”

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